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Are you a conference or event organizer looking for motivational speakers?  Are you looking for a keynote speaker who can customize an inspirational message for your team that will inspire, educate and empower them to be successful? 

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Child abuse and domestic violence survivor and single parent, Michele Anstead transitioned from living on the streets to being a successful speaker/trainer, an award winning certified new home sales professional and owner of a travel agency.   She is the Author of “Fear Is Not An Option” which tells the many dark secrets exposed behind one woman’s childhood and what she has to do to survive. To be released Summer 2015.

 From teaching adult education to selling new homes, she has always been a powerful advocate of the underdog and the motto, “You Can Do It" and "Everything Is Possible” and she will not accept anything less for herself or her audience. Now, she shares the inside look at what survivors know that offer solutions for a better lifestyle.

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