Fear Is Not An Option

Portion of proceeds donated to Domestic Violence Shelters

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Find out the many dark secrets exposed behind one woman’s childhood and what she has to do to survive. Her childhood filled with abuse, deprivation, abandonment and loss. Michele is homeless at the age of fourteen, living on the tough Toronto streets and lost in a nightmare world of alcohol, drugs and on- going physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Despite its difficult subject matter, Fear Is Not An Option is not a depressing or despairing story; rather, it is a testament to what the human spirit can overcome, and that it is possible not just to survive, but to thrive, after experiencing some of the worst things human nature can offer. 


“Fear Is Not An Option is notable both for its honest, unflinching narrative and its complete lack of self-pity as the author describes not just the pain she endured in her childhood, but the personal journey of healing that has allowed her to break free from her difficult past.”

- Constable Scott Mills – Toronto Police Service & Crime Stoppers

“Fear Is Not An Option provides a real-life example of how love, hope, faith, and sheer determination can turn a troubled life around. Michele Anstead's story is one of inspiration.”

- Carrie Kohan - A National Child Advocate, Speaker, Author of the "5 Lessons of Life" and Founder of Freedom Masters Inc. 

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What’s Next

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SAVE ME – Companion guide to Fear is not an option – 6 Steps to Escape Your Abuser. • A detailed guide on how to recognize the signs of an abuser. • What should friends, family do if they suspect their loved ones are being abused? • Where to go or get help? • How to escape your abuser? • What happens next now that you are out? • The road to recovery and healing – what do you do and how do you do it. • Changing your belief system – is it even possible?


15 Minute Meals • Quick and Easy recipes to make you feel completely energetic and clear minded throughout your day. • Step by step instructions • Full of pictures from the food to the tools you need. • Nutritional quick guide included.